The Gift of Getting Sick

It was Lao Tse that said “many small sicknesses long life, no sicknesses sudden death.”  I think what he was referring to was common colds and flus. While getting sick is definitely a bummer, it just may be saving your life! Each time we catch a cold our body has to work hard to fight it off which strengthens our immunity. I personally knew a woman that prided herself for almost never catching colds and flus until one day she had cancer. The theory of hygiene hypothesis supports the idea that the more exposed we are to germs and dirt the stronger our immunity gets and the lower the incidence of allergies and asthma.

In the US at the Ohio State University Cancer Center they are running a clinical trial on viral therapy which is basically injecting pancreatic cancer patients with a common cold virus. So far, it looks very promising with evidence of patients tumors shrinking. Pending FDA approval, the study will be taken to the next phase in 2015. This practice is already being used in certain countries in Europe.  

So next time you are sick, instead of asking “why am I sick?” be thankful that you have a cold that will strengthen your immunity and possibly help you to avoid cancer.

Acupuncture by Christian Cristiano

29. January 2015 by christian
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