When I first saw Christian, my back was out and I was in a lot of pain. After one treatment, I felt much better, and after a couple more, the pain was completely gone. Now I see Christian for everything from pain to digestive problems that come up periodically.
listBullet – Chris G

Christian is a superb acupuncturist—mature and very knowledgeable. He is holistic in his personable approach to clients.
listBullet – Patricia Glidden, MS, RN, Family Nurse Practitioner-Board Certified

Christian Cristiano is the most amazing practitioner! After nine months of physical therapy, I had seen little change with my painful condition of severe tendonitis. After just a few treatments with Christian, I felt a tremendous change and my pain decreased significantly. His services have now brought me back to my pre-tendonitis state—healing that was integral to my career as a writer. His diagnosis was quick and accurate, and the treatments were healing, as well as indulgent. I highly recommend his services—my favorite is Fusion!
listBullet – Chaton Anderson

I have been seeing Christian more than four years. A 49-year-old flight attendant, I swim every day and work out vigorously; there is no way I could continue my regimen without Christian’s work! He is professional, intuitive and resourceful. If you are thinking about seeking Acupuncture, Christian is the man to see. I recommend him to everyone who asks me how I stay so healthy. He never lets me down.
listBullet – Bill Holcomb

I went to see Christian for Acupuncture more out curiosity about the art and what it might do for a little stress relief. My back was tense from sitting at the computer all day so I thought I would give Acupuncture a try. At first, I was very apprehensive but Christian explained each action and made sure I was at ease and very comfortable. The stress in my back just melted away. I’ll be back for more treatments for sure.
listBullet – Phil Winter

I came to see Christian two years ago with two issues, one was regarding my menstrual cycle, and the other was an unusual amount of hair loss. I was under a great deal of stress and had been spotting between periods, sometimes for the entire month. Christian prescribed an herbal formula and began Acupuncture treatments on me. After a short period of time, my cycle returned to normal and I began seeing less hair fallout and new growth was clearly visible! His treatments also decreased my stress level. Thanks, Christian!
listBullet – Maria Restrepo

Working in a high stress environment, acupuncture has helped me to decrease my stress levels, making me feel calm and well rested. I would not feel comfortable going to see anyone else now that I’ve been going to see Christian. His knowledge, experience, and professionalism is endless.
listBullet – David Newson

I had the worst pain in my knees due to a rigorous military training program. After two short sessions, I was back on my feet to train another day.
listBullet – Phil W.

I, like most people, accumulated all my stress in my shoulders. I did just three acupuncture treatments in two weeks and I no longer have any pain in my lower back and shoulders!
listBullet – Erin B.



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