Resolutions Made Easy in 2016

With the new year comes a new energy. Why not use that energy to create new goals that will improve ourselves and our lives? Some people prefer to call them intentions instead of resolutions, but whatever you want to call them, if it makes you a better version of yourself I am all for it.

One of the keys to a successful resolution is aiming at the action steps instead of the end goal. Studies show that people who set unrealistic goals and resolutions are less likely to achieve them than people who start with small bite sized action steps. Our brains know who and where we are now in our lives, and if we set far off goals the brain can reject these ideas and cause us to drop the intention all together.

For example, people who set the goal of losing a large amount of weight are less likely to succeed compared to someone who sets the intention to replace unhealthy food choices with healthier more nourishing nutrition. Another example is someone who is not exercising and wants to get in better shape. You are better off setting the goal of exercising a few times a week to begin with as opposed to saying you’re going to be in the best shape of your life in 6 months. The byproduct of this new exercise schedule will organically evolve into an improved physique that is sustainable over the long term. The same goes for meditation or any other goal you are hoping to attain in 2016. Remember, you can do it if you take small action steps every day, get support from your community, and believe in yourself!

What has Christian been up to?

Sorry it has been so long since my last email. I have now been in LA for 15 months and it has been quite a ride. Besides being blessed with a busy Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine practice, I am still producing fun and exciting video content and writing lots of articles for Take peak at a recent video that I co-hosted and produced with my media business partner Jay Bradley, and if you’re overdue for some healing work, call ProEx Performance at 323.935.3420 and get in to see me. Happy New Year everyone!

Check out this video of where I work that I co-hosted and co-produced with my business parter Jay Bradley.





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