A return to nature

Griffith Park Hike

Griffith Park Hike

Yesterday I finally had a chance to get back into nature.  I went to Griffith park here in Los Angeles, and did a long hike.  I noticed quickly that my cell phone barely gets a signal there, and I must say there is something about being away from the city and and the electro magnetic fields that helps me regroup and reconnect to myself.

I couldn’t help but ask myself why it had been a full two weeks since I had been in nature.  Of course the obvious answer is that I am too busy, but I realize that without including nature in my self care regimen, my productivity declines greatly.  After a little fresh air and sunshine, I felt totally different.  As a licensed Acupuncturist, I need to walk my talk and stay health and centered, and time in nature is a must. No matter what we do for work, getting outside even if the weather is chilly will benefit our heart mind and soul.


02. February 2015 by christian
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