Life really is Precious.

Driving home tonight I saw a crash happen right in front of me. A vehicle completely spun out and ended up facing the wrong way on the street. No one was really in the wrong and thankfully everyone was OK. It was scary and sudden and I was reminded that it can happen to anyone at anytime. Once the dust settled and I knew everyone was OK I headed home. My dog was here to greet me like she has been thousands of times before, but this time was different. I got down on the floor with the little curmudgeon and held her tight and truly appreciated having her in my life. I thought how awful it would be to not be able to hold her again, and the reality is, there will come a time where none of us have the privelage of these physical bodies that we can use to express our love for one another.  Moving into the frantic holiday season where everything is rushed, it is more important than ever to take time to slow down and let the people and pets around us know how much we care about them.

17. November 2014 by christian
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How to Stay Healthy During the Changing Seasons

When the wind is up and the air is cooling down, we are more likely to contract upper respiratory infections. For those of you familiar with Acupuncture, you may already know that the points around the neck and throat are susceptible to wind moving in and contributing to colds. One way to protect ourselves from catching a cold is to protect our necks and throats with scarves and to bundle up properly.

In addition to dressing properly, eating warming foods like soups and stews is another way to keep our bodies strong during the fall and winter.  Foods that are very cooling such as too many raw veggies or cold drinks should be substituted with foods like hot soup and stew. Our bodies are already working hard to stay warm, so adding cold food just gives our systems more work to do in an already challenging season.

Bundle up and stay warm, and let me know if you have any questions regarding a healthy diet during the fall.

12. November 2014 by christian
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How Procrastination is Hurting You And How to Get on With it!

Got it done!

Got it done!

Recently, I have made many big changes in my life including moving to a new city, buying a new car, and moving my Acupuncture practice to a new location. All of these changes gave me a good reason to put certain projects in my life on hold. The challenge began when the dust finally settled and I still wasn’t engaging in accomplishing my goals. At that point, the “break” turned into good old fashioned procrastination.

In doing some research on the subject I have discovered that procrastination is not only inconvenient, its also damaging to our health and well being causing elevated levels of stress and anxiety. Needless to say, that was all I needed to read to get off my heinie and implement a plan!

In at article from the Association for Psychological Science, one of the most effective ways to move past procrastination is to begin with forgiving yourself for whatever it is that you have been putting off. Nine times out of ten, stress and fear are the underlying emotions of procrastination with the fear of “maybe I won’t do it right” usually the leading reason people procrastinate.

I invite all of you to implement a simple reward system for yourselves. In order to get things done, I am now using desktop calendars to help me accomplish goals in different areas of my life. I have a list of things I get a star for, and when I accomplish a goal, I write it on the calendar and put a star sticker next to that accomplishment. I aim for a certain number of stars a week, and if I get them I allow myself a healthy reward of my choosing. If I don’t reach my goal, I forgive myself and move on.

Let me know if you have any questions about this system or if you have a system you use that may help other people, please share!

Stay Healthy!


10. November 2014 by christian
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Crazy over Ebola?

There is so much information out there today about Ebola, and most news outlets seem to be choosing to hype it up and instill fear.

On the other hand, there are people saying that there are many other things to worry about more and that Ebola is a minor problem. The truth falls somewhere in the middle.

It would be unfair and inhumane to minimize the Ebola Epidemic especially considering how many people have lost loved ones to this awful disease.

At the same time, focusing too much attention on this problem and obsessively watching the news for updates doesn’t do anyone any good at all and can arguably be bad for your health.

For me, I decided to find a way to donate money to the cause and refocus my attention right here at home where I can make a bigger difference in the day to day lives of my patients and the people around me. There is a way to stay informed without allowing the news to dominate our thoughts.

What we put our attention on grows, so let’s choose to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

If you are interested in donating money, I used Unicef as it is a tried and trusted charity.

03. November 2014 by christian
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Why You Need a Health Coach

Health Coach for BalanceMost people struggle with their weight at one point or another in their life.  People often find themselves starting a diet, but not sticking to it.  A nutritional coach can help you stay on track, change your plan and hold you accountable. Here’s why you need a nutritional coach…

  • You need a plan.

Being healthy is more than just reading a book, counting calories and even cutting out junk food.  Being healthy requires you to have a plan and how to customize your plan to mean your goal.  A nutritional coach can help you customize your plan to meet your life style.

  • Accountability

Many people can start a diet, but not many can last the duration and make a lifestyle change.  It is human nature to revert back to old habits, a coach can help keep you accountable, motivated and help you make adjustments to make your weight loss program stick.

  • Plateauing

Nothing works forever and eventually you will have to change things up when progress stalls.  If you’re stuck in a rut, a nutritional coach can help you change your plan and help you get going again.

28. August 2014 by christian
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What Makes a Food a Super Food

Simply put, a Super Food is a food that delivers high concentrations of critical nutrients like Beta Carotene, A, C, E and Seleniuem. Besides being rich in these important nutrients, Superfoods often hold these vitamins in the perfect balance.

What Makes a Food a SuperFood? by wellnessforrealists

27. August 2014 by christian
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Hypnotherapy for Healing

Learning about healing with hypnotherapy.

We all have challenges in their lives that try to stop us from becoming the best versions of ourselves. The challenge may be as simple as believing that our lives should be different than they are in leading to E 01 in immediate unhappiness.

For others, the E 01 out challenges may be physical, mental, emotional, or even genetic. E 02 in out It is important to recognize what those things are E 02 out that are blocking us in order to heal them and clear the way to the life of peace we all deserve.

15. August 2014 by christian
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Hypnotherapy for Health with Peter Bedard

Hypnotherapy for Health with Peter Bedard by wellnessforrealists

Learn more about how hypnotherapy can help with many issues to work towards improving  your overall health and wellness.

11. August 2014 by christian
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The Cristiano Method helps you Sleep

help-for-sleepSleep in a very important part of your overall health and too many us are not getting enough of it.   As adults, we should sleep soundly for 8 hours a night and it is as simple as that.   Many people have the problem of falling asleep and then staying asleep all night.

Sleep is the recovery time for the body and that includes healing from your workout sessions to relaxing the body and brain completely to get away from the stresses of the day.  The Cristiano Method for health and wellness brings many things into balance so you are healthier and can sleep a full 8 hours.

Many people actually gain weight when they do not get enough sleep so it is important to eat right, exercise and then let your body rebuild with a full 8 hours of sleep.  You need 3 complete sleep REM cycles for a good night’s sleep.  REM is a cycle of how the body goes into very deep sleep for periods of time during a night.  With the proper amount of deep sleep the body can rebuild and recover from the day making your “awake” time a more productive time for the body, which helps with metabolism and maintaining proper weight.

If you need help getting better sleep the consultation through The Cristiano Method will help you to get in better balance, eat right and get more exercise.  These are some of the simple principles that you can follow along with getting help with your current situation:

1.  Be careful what you eat before bed time.  Some Greek yogurt with honey and some berries would be much better than pizza.

2. Go dark on your electronics, turn off the sound on your phone so you are not interrupted by texts and calls when trying to sleep.

3. Stretch your body before bed, get the kinks out a little in your neck, legs and arms so you can relax.

4. Wake up about the same time everyday, so your body gets used to it’s own time clock.

5. Get exercise during the day.  Try walking, floor exercises, swim, go to the gym, some yoga, or how about some great sex in the afternoon or evening.

It is all about balance and making sure you get the nutrition and exercise for the mind and body and we can help you.  Call Christian for a consultation for The Cristiano Method for better health and of course, better sleep.  310.909.6956



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Healing using Music with Michael Levine

Since the beginning of time there has been nothing that bridges cultures and brings people together quite like music. It can be used to relax us or to inspire us to move and dance. In the past few decades Neuroscientists have delved deeper into understanding the brain and its association with music.

Healing using Music with Michael Levine by wellnessforrealists

If you would like to have a consultation with Christian to help you with your health and wellbeining please give him a call at.

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