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help-for-sleepSleep in a very important part of your overall health and too many us are not getting enough of it.   As adults, we should sleep soundly for 8 hours a night and it is as simple as that.   Many people have the problem of falling asleep and then staying asleep all night.

Sleep is the recovery time for the body and that includes healing from your workout sessions to relaxing the body and brain completely to get away from the stresses of the day.  The Cristiano Method for health and wellness brings many things into balance so you are healthier and can sleep a full 8 hours.

Many people actually gain weight when they do not get enough sleep so it is important to eat right, exercise and then let your body rebuild with a full 8 hours of sleep.  You need 3 complete sleep REM cycles for a good night’s sleep.  REM is a cycle of how the body goes into very deep sleep for periods of time during a night.  With the proper amount of deep sleep the body can rebuild and recover from the day making your “awake” time a more productive time for the body, which helps with metabolism and maintaining proper weight.

If you need help getting better sleep the consultation through The Cristiano Method will help you to get in better balance, eat right and get more exercise.  These are some of the simple principles that you can follow along with getting help with your current situation:

1.  Be careful what you eat before bed time.  Some Greek yogurt with honey and some berries would be much better than pizza.

2. Go dark on your electronics, turn off the sound on your phone so you are not interrupted by texts and calls when trying to sleep.

3. Stretch your body before bed, get the kinks out a little in your neck, legs and arms so you can relax.

4. Wake up about the same time everyday, so your body gets used to it’s own time clock.

5. Get exercise during the day.  Try walking, floor exercises, swim, go to the gym, some yoga, or how about some great sex in the afternoon or evening.

It is all about balance and making sure you get the nutrition and exercise for the mind and body and we can help you.  Call Christian for a consultation for The Cristiano Method for better health and of course, better sleep.  310.909.6956



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