How to Stay Healthy During the Changing Seasons

When the wind is up and the air is cooling down, we are more likely to contract upper respiratory infections. For those of you familiar with Acupuncture, you may already know that the points around the neck and throat are susceptible to wind moving in and contributing to colds. One way to protect ourselves from catching a cold is to protect our necks and throats with scarves and to bundle up properly.

In addition to dressing properly, eating warming foods like soups and stews is another way to keep our bodies strong during the fall and winter.  Foods that are very cooling such as too many raw veggies or cold drinks should be substituted with foods like hot soup and stew. Our bodies are already working hard to stay warm, so adding cold food just gives our systems more work to do in an already challenging season.

Bundle up and stay warm, and let me know if you have any questions regarding a healthy diet during the fall.

12. November 2014 by christian
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