Three easy ways to improve your immunity.

We are barraged with violence in the media on a daily basis.  If course there are studies on both sides arguing whether or not violence in the media affects our immunity and behavior. One thing that can not be argued is that the media is more violent than ever, and so is our world.  Being mindful of what we take in may be more than just a good idea spiritually, it also looks as though it may benefit our brain and our immune systems. “Six major societies signed a joint statement on the hazards of exposing children to media violence.

Secondly, studies also show that the opposite is true.  If immunity is weakened with negative or violent images, it makes sense that positive messages and images will boost and strengthen the immunity.  Finally, it has been proven that we can boost immunity through laughter.  The take away here could be to turn off the violent programming and gaming, and get your laugh on! Funny movies and TV shows are great, and even better is laughing with friends and family.



03. December 2013 by christian
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