Learn to meditate during Acupuncture in West Hollywood

Acupuncture heals things like low back pain insomnia digestion stress and more.

Christian Cristiano West Hollywood and San Diego

I want to talk about what I think meditation is and what it is not. In the beginning, it is not getting the mind to stop thinking. It is also not controlling the mind. For me, it is simply coming home. I sit and I breath and I pay attention. If my mind chatters I count my breaths from 1 to 10 then start over again at 1. When I first started there were times I could not even count my breaths to 10 without my mind taking me away. If that happens, don’t judge yourself. Just notice and start over again at 1.

When I am diligent with my practice and meditating every day like I am now, I notice a big difference in my life. I am more connected, I am a better healer, and I am a more patient and loving person. We can all use a little more patience and a lot more focus in our lives. The following article backs up the benefits of meditation with scientific proof that it helps the brain develop.  Meditation improves brain function!

24. October 2013 by christian
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