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Is That Muffin Giving You Cancer? What Are Parabens Anyway?

Parabens are broad spectrum chemical preservatives used in some foods and about 80% of all cosmetics. They help to prevent products from growing fungus or going rancid and have been used since the 50’s. Scientists continue to use them today … Continue reading

16. April 2015 by christian
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The Gift of Getting Sick

It was Lao Tse that said “many small sicknesses long life, no sicknesses sudden death.”  I think what he was referring to was common colds and flus. While getting sick is definitely a bummer, it just may be saving your … Continue reading

29. January 2015 by christian
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D-limonene as a Cancer Preventative and Strength Based Psychotherapy

In study after study, d-limonene comes up as a strong anti-cancer compound. This simple monoterpene has been found in nearly 100 studies in animals and humans to prevent, stop the progression, and destroy cancer. Please take some time to do … Continue reading

22. August 2013 by Cristiano Spa Blog
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